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Eating Gluten Free means having to make sure your kitchen or where ever you are going doesn’t have any cross contamination. There are so many things that I didn’t think about when I first transitioned to a gluten free diet. I will share what I have found to make cooking easier.

The biggest thing to think about when cooking gluten free is to make sure whatever you are cooking on can be cleaned and sanitized to avoid cross contamination. If it can go in the dishwasher it’s a huge plus for me.

Instant Pot

My Instant Pot is a life saver! I use this when I am cooking all the time. There really isn’t anything you can’t cook in this thing. My rule for the instant pot is only gluten free ingredients can be used. However, the nice thing is that everything on the instant pot can be washed. I wash the inside pan and lid in my dishwasher and it comes out nice and clean.

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I have cooked soups, pasta, ribs, frozen chicken, meatballs, casseroles, hard boiled eggs, and so much more. I just look on Pinterest for easy Instant Pot Recipes. There are thousands of great things to cook in the Instant pot.

Your Own Toaster

This one seems so obvious to me now but when I first started eating gluten free I did not think about this! There are so many crumbs in a toaster! So I quickly made sure to get my own toaster for my gluten free bread. I got a toaster in a fun color so that I can 100% know which one is mine.

Also a side note: you will want your own stick of butter if your family uses butter on their toast. Or just make sure there is no double using the butter once there’s crumbs on the knife.

George Foreman Grill

The George Foreman Grill has been a life saver for me. The new ones have removable grills so that you can wash them and put them in the dishwasher. I like this because I don’t worry so much if my husband makes a panini on it with his regular bread. The one we have is a grill and a panini maker.

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I really like that the 4 serving george forman grill is not very big so I can take it on the go with me whether it’s camping in my trailer or going to a friends house. I use this instead of a BBQ because so many seasonings used on a typical BBQ have gluten in them. I don’t want to risk cross contamination.

Grill Silicone Liners

If you don’t want to bring your George Foreman with you to a BBQ you might want to check out these grill liners from Amazon. I know foil is bad to cook on so I got these for a safe alternative. They can also be used as a non stick liner for baking sheets in your oven. They are a great thing to have in the kitchen! They are good up to 500 degrees and are reusable!

Vitamix Blender

Yes I know, these are pricey! I think the Vitamix is 100% worth the price! You can do so much more than just make smoothies in this thing! You can make soup, juice, salsa, baby food, butter, alternative milk like almond or coconut, hummus, and so much more!

The reason why I think this is important when eating gluten free is because you can easily make a lot of things home made and you won’t have to worry about having any gluten in it! I got mine at Costco for a great deal.

Deep Fryer with Removable Pot

Again, the important part here is removable! You can easily wash it! I really like this deep fryer from Amazon! I am not a huge deep fry person but sometimes I crave homemade french fries, chicken strips, or onion rings. It’s nice to satisfy that craving knowing I won’t get glutened.

Copper Chef Pans

These copper pans are not a necessity but they are the best pans I have ever cooked with! Food doesn’t stick to them, they are a great size, they can go in the oven, and they cook the food evenly. My grandma got me these for Christmas and now it’s all I cook with! Mine came with a handy little cook book too!

I hope this is helpful to you on your gluten free journey! I would love to hear what tips you have for making gluten free cooking easier or faster.

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