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Finding good gluten free restaurants is so important when you have an allergy to gluten! It’s the worst feeling when you are out with friends and realize nothing on the menu is safe for you to eat! I have been there and I want to help as many people as I can avoid that!

I will list the restaurants that are gluten free by the type of food it is. They are all amazing restaurants that I have personally have ate at. I have a gluten allergy however if you are celiac or extremely allergic please call the restaurant ahead of time to do your own research! I am sharing from my personal experiences and do not want anyone to get sick from relying only on my advice!

Gluten Free Thai Food:

Mae Phim Thai – This is one of my all time favorite places to eat! I could definitely eat here everyday and not get tired of their food! They have a huge menu that is gluten free. They are also extremely knowledgeable about making dishes gluten free by request. My favorites are their Chicken Pad Thai and Garlic Chicken with Jasmine Rice.
Locations: Marysville & Seattle

Gluten Free American Food Restaurants:

Bob’s Burgers – I love to eat at Bob’s! They have a good size menu for gluten free options. I like their gluten free bun for their burgers. I also really enjoy their salads! There are tons of locations! I personally go to the one located in Tulalip, WA.

Buffalo Wild Wings – This is a fun environment to eat *traditional only* chicken wings and hang with friends! They have a list of all the different wing sauces you can have. I also like to get their grilled chicken and just dip it in the garlic parmesan sauce. You can also buy their sauce to use at home too!
Here is their allergen guide that I use. Always make sure you ask for the most up to date list!

Gluten Free Italian Restaurants:

Lombardi’s – One of my favorite Italian restaurants ever! Their caprese salad appetizer is so yummy! I always get their chicken marsala for dinner. This was one of my favorite meals before eating GF and I am so happy I can enjoy it again!
Location: Everett on the waterfront.

Conto’s Pizza & Pasta – SO. MANY. OPTIONS. I seriously love this place! They have amazing gluten free pizza and pasta. So many options that most other restaurants do not have.
Located in Lake Stevens, WA

Gluten Free Greek Restaurants:

Kafe Neo – I just recently found out that Kafe Neo offers a big selection of gluten free food! I tried their chicken gyro on a gluten free pita and greek fries. It was so good I went back the next day for more!! I go to the Marysville location.
Locations: Marysville, Arlington, Edmonds, Mill Creek

Gluten Free Mexican Restaurants:

Taquería La Bamba – Delicious authentic mexican food! The workers are great about answering questions on what is gluten free. I know for sure the carne asada tacos are indeed gluten free! I was extremely happy to hear they are safe to eat because I love street tacos! Most taco trucks I went to said they could not guarantee they are gluten free and I was seriously missing authentic tacos!
Location: 3710 136th St NE Marysville, WA 98271 (Smokey Point)

Paraiso Mexican Restaurant – They are very knowledgeable about gluten allergies. They made me the best spinach enchilada! I just asked for them to use whatever is gluten free and it turned out delicious. If you go there just ask for help what is gluten free or what can be made gluten free.
Located at 3611 168th Place NE Arlington WA 98223 (Smokey Point)

Playa Bonita – This is my favorite mexican restaurant! I am obsessed with their chicken tortilla soup! It’s gluten free and so so good!! I also love their enchiladas, you just have to request them to be made gluten free.
Located in Marysville and Granite Falls.

Gluten Free Asian Food:

Miyako Teriyaki – Usually teriyaki is a big no in the GF world! However, Miyako’s carriers gluten free teriyaki sauce!!! It is seriously so good. I always get chicken teriyaki with rice. I try to order ahead because they do get super busy!
Located in Smokey Point, WA

Terra Cotta Red – This is an asian fusion restaurant that has almost their whole menu gluten free or an option to make it gluten free! I seriously love everything on their menu. It might sound funny but I crave their Terra salad that has sweet potato crisps on top. It’s the best salad ever! I also love their honey walnut prawns. You can’t go wrong with any order on the menu! You can order single serve or party style where everyone shares big dishes.
Located in North Everett.

Gluten Free Sandwich Shops:

Grilla Bites – This place is one of my favorite places to get a good gluten free sandwich! They are a laid back restaurant that uses all organic food. They have gluten free & vegan options. I always get a gluten free multi-seed turkey pesto sandwich. They have like 5 different gluten free bread options! The salad bar is pretty awesome too! And their smoothies!
Location: 1020 1st St #104, Snohomish, WA 98290 (Downtown)

Red Rock Subs – They are an award winning sandwich shop! Their gluten free bread is probably the closest thing to a “regular” sub sandwich out of any other place I have ever been! I always get their california sub that has turkey, avocado, tomato, sprouts, cheese, and mayo.
Located at 3514 Broadway Everett WA 98201.

The Living Room Coffee House – They always have some yummy gluten free treats! Some days they have more than others. I personally know the baker and she is an amazing baker and even more of an amazing person. I was so excited when I walked in to see the following gluten free items: breakfast casserole, lemon bars, quiche, breakfast bars, grilled cheese sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, and cookies!!! I basically bought one of everything!

Gluten Free Seafood Restaurants:

Cedar’s Cafe at the Tulalip Resort Hotel – This has always been one of my favorite places to go out to dinner when we have a night to go out. You can grab a bite to eat then hit the casino or get your dance on at the cabaret. They have a dedicated menu with all their gluten free options. Pictured above was on their regular menu and when I asked the chef said he could make it gluten free for me. So they are very accommodating here and the food is always delicious!
Location: Inside the Tulalip Resort Hotel & Casino on the hotel side.

Anthony’s – Their specialty is seafood! They have so many yummy gluten free options. Their menu changes depending on the season so it is fun to see what the options are for that night! I have had tons of different dishes here. My favorite is hands down their Gluten Free Seafood Mac & Cheese.
Location: Everett, Lynnwood, Edmonds

I will keep adding to this list as I find new places worthy of sharing with all of you! <3 Please let me know your favorite gluten free restaurants in the comments!

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