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I just discovered the best gluten free fast food breakfast option!!! It is from Subway and it is so yummy! I call it a breakfast taco but it’s really just a breakfast sandwich without the bread.

Usually, when I go to Subway I always get the same thing everytime. I get a salad with double meat, turkey and ham. However, a couple weeks ago I asked about making one of their breakfast sandwiches gluten free and now I am hooked!

Here is how to order:

Ask for a 6 inch bacon (or any gluten free meat), egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich with no bread. Make sure they prepare on a piece of paper so that you avoid the risk of cross contamination. Then they heat it up in the oven for a quick minute.

After it gets heated up you can pick whatever veggies you want on it. I always get spinach, black olives, and light black pepper.

Then they fold it in half and it looks like a breakfast taco! I do not get mine cut in half because it wouldn’t fold right that way.

That’s it! Super easy, super tasty, and super cheap!

Disclaimer: This is something that works for me but if you have celiac or are extremely allergic please know I am just sharing what works for me. You might react different being that there is wheat and gluten prepared around the same area. I am okay as long as they use paper to avoid cross contamination.

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